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    • Susan Etherton

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      Offering spiritual companionship in the Shalem tradition. Together, we desire to be present in the moment, seeing and honoring the sacred mystery of the soul. As spiritual guides, we witness this mystery and reflect it back in word, prayer, thought, presence, and action.

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      • Suzanne Kindervatter

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        Suzi's group and retreat programs blend wisdom teachings of spiritual elders, with music, the arts, and meditative prayer practices that can be adapted for daily living. Interest areas include: centering prayer; Christian women mystics; nature and spirituality; life transitions; and the labyrinth as spiritual practice. Overall, the focus is Gods invitation to live from our spiritual hearts enlightened.

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        • Maureen Kramlinger

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          Steeped in Shalem approach to contemplative living, personal spiritual deepening, prayer of simple presence and reflective interaction. Engaged in Spiritual Direction and leading small group retreats. Experienced in grief, loss and end of life care, I love “holding the space” for the Holy..

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