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Shalem Summer Reading 2013

SHALEM STAFF READING PICKS Have you ever wondered about the books the Shalem staff reads? Here’s what some of the Shalem staff have been enjoying over the last year. From Bryan Berghoef: John Steinbeck, To a God Unknown A novel about the land, relationships, spirituality, and the longings we have for connection and meaning between […]

Shalem Summer Reading 2012

Whether you are at the beach, or in your backyard, study or bedroom, we recommend some Shalem authors for your summer reading pleasure: Dougherty, Rose Mary.  Discernment: A Path to Spiritual Awakening A sensitive guide through the sometimes difficult terrain of spiritual discernment Dougherty, Rose Mary.  Group Spiritual Direction: Community for Discernment An essential resource […]

What is Contemplative Spirituality?

Pulse aquí para leer la monografía de nuestro personal “¿Qué es la espiritualidad contemplativa?” en español. 여기를 누르시면 샬렘 선임연구원들의 논문 “관상적 영성이란 무엇인가?”를 한글로 읽으실 수 있습니다. Printable PDF “What is Contemplative Spirituality?” A generation ago, most people were uncomfortable talking about their personal spirituality. Now, however, people speak of it so freely that […]