Holy Week Fast for Peace

Join us for a 5-day Holy Week Fast on Zoom

Co-led by Roy Oswald and Margaret Benefiel

April 11-15, 2022

Join us for a powerful, healing experience.

Free and open to all

Beginning on Monday April 11 from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm and ending on Friday, April 15, from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm ET.

Held on Zoom

Join us in a 5-day Holy Week Fast for Peace. On Monday we will review some guidelines for fasting and focus our prayers on peace in the world. We will also covenant with each other not to eat solid food for these 5 days. This is a juice fast, so we will be consuming plenty of liquids. We will be together for only 4 hours but a powerful, healing experience is possible as we share the days of fasting and gather at the end to share our stories about this experience.

This Lenten season Pope Francis called on all Christians to fast on Ash Wednesday in support for the Ukrainian people who are being brutally attacked by Russia, and we will fast and pray for peace in other war-torn parts of the world, as well.

This fast is co-led by Roy Oswald and Margaret Benefiel, and is free and open to all.


Margaret Benefiel can be contacted at margaret@shalem.org with questions about the Holy Week Fast for Peace.


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Grounded in our understanding of God’s desire for peace, wholeness and well-being, we envision a world transformed by contemplative living and leadership in which all people honor one another and creation, recognize their unity and interconnectedness, and courageously seek to live out of this reality.