Care of Mind / Care of Spirit

A Psychiatrist Explores Spiritual Direction

by Gerald G. May

“[Care of Mind/Care of Spirit is] notable for the clarity, depth, and practicality of its handling of the psychiatric dimensions of spiritual direction. Dr. May is able to distinguish the roles of psychiatrist, pastoral counselor, and spiritual director, giving each its due without confusion of roles or relinquishing the primacy of grace with its secret, healing, strengthening, and transforming effectiveness.” – CommonwealCommonweal

“In Care of Mind/Care of Spirit the reader will find not only practical advice and basic psychiatric information, but also a clarity and objectivity combines with a deep reverence for the mystery of the human person. An excellent book.” – Alan Jones, dean of Grace Cathedral, San Francisco

“A classic cornerstone in the foundation of the modern health care science of adult spiritual development [wellness] counseling.” – Journal of the American Scientific Affilitation

“May reveals a thorough understanding not only of personality theory and psychopathology, but a sensitive understanding of the tension between the human’s longing for God and the human’s reluctance to being known by another.” – Journal of Psychology and Theology

“Although secular psychology addresses a great deal about how we come to be the way we are and how we might live more efficiently, it can offer nothing in terms of why we exist or how we should use our lives,” writes Gerald May in this classic discussion of the nature of contemporary spiritual guidance and its relationship to counseling and psychiatry. For millions turning for answers to the world of the spirit, May shows how psychiatry and spiritual direction are alike, how they complement one another, and how they ultimately diverge.

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