Discernment: A Path to Spiritual Awakening

by Rose Mary Dougherty, SSND

How does God fit into our decisions and life choices? How do we discern what fits with who we are? How do we live discerning lives? “Discernment” is the process of realizing, and then following, our spiritual paths. In this book, lifelong spiritual guide Rose Mary Dougherty explains the essentials of cultivating a discerning heart. Drawing on the teachings of Christianity, other spiritual traditions, and her own life experiences, the author guides readers across the sometimes difficult terrain of spiritual discernment and invites them to explore their own experiences. She reminds them that opportunities for discernment are embedded in all of life and that ultimately discernment is a way of life in and of itself.

This valuable little book provides a wealth of practical and inspirational wisdom from various spiritual and religious traditions that will guide all spiritual seekers in their lifetime journey of awakening.

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