Group Spiritual Direction DVD

Community for Discernment

by Rose Mary Dougherty

Rose Mary Dougherty’s book, Group Spiritual Direction: Community for Discernment, led many to see the possibilities of spiritual direction within the context of a small community. It is an energizing idea to think that one can be part of a community that meets regularly to pray and listen to what God is saying in the real-life events of its members. There is the hope that as the community hears a person’s story, sits quietly and prayerfully, and then shares from the heart, God is present and insight into life becomes possible.

As people read this ground-breaking book, they often asked what group spiritual direction looked like and commented that it would be helpful to see and hear what happens and how the process unfolds. This 40-minute DVD is meant to show just that. It is intended as a complement to the book, giving visual image to the process of group spiritual direction. It presents real communities in prayerful discernment and gives practical tips on how to lead a group, how to be part of a group in a meaningful way, and how to address the problems and possibilities that arise.

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