Parenting: A Sacred Path

A Reflection Booklet for Personal or Group Use

by Patience Leiden Robbins

“This book has transformed the way I approach both parenthood and the spiritual journey.” – The Rev. Keith Anderson (ELCA pastor and father of four)

Written by Patience Leiden Robbins, experienced retreat and group leader and director of Shalem’s Personal Spiritual Deepening program, this 42-page booklet is broken into the following six themes: addressing self-awareness and self acceptance; all of life as a spiritual practice; the potential of parenting tasks and responsibilities to expand our hearts to love; the modeling of young children to live in the moment; the need for forgiveness and gentleness toward ourselves; and an invitation to let our children go, to entrust them to God.

Each of the six themes is followed by “seeds” for thought for each day of the week, usually an inspirational quote, and the quote is also followed by suggested prayer responses and a prayer that can be carried throughout the day.

This booklet can be used for personal reflection or with groups, and for groups, a format, guidelines and meditations are included at the end.

Parenting is a challenging call. Many resources for parents focus on the child, but Parenting: A Sacred Path is for parents to reflect on their experience, with all of its joys and struggles, as an invitation to grow in faith, love, trust and compassion.

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