Sabbath Time

by Tilden Edwards

A rhythm of Sabbath and ministry is a foundational discipline, a framework for all our disciplines. It is a rhythm that God provides to human life for its care, cleansing, and opening to grace. This rhythm is not for one day or one week or one year only. It is for life — Tilden Edwards

This revised and updated edition of a spiritual formation classic presents the Sabbath as an integral dimension of the Christian life. Sabbath Time explores the roots of the Sabbath in the Judeo-Christian tradition, and it demonstrates how a deeper understanding and practice of the rhythm of the Sabbath provide an alternative to society’s rhythm of driven achievement and narrow escape.

Finally Sabbath Time heightens our appreciation of the relationship between contemplation and ministry in our contemporary world. It offers readers a revealing vision of ways to more faithfully maintain the balance among worship, play, rest, work community and ministry.

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