Sound Faith CD

Newly released CD version of Sound Faith and Sound Faith II audio tapes by Isabella Bates.

Vocal Chants used at the Shalem Institute. Recorded in St. Joseph’s Chapel, Washington Cathedral.


Om a Hum
Kyrie Kyrie Eleison Christe Christe Eleison
Allelu Allelu Alleluia Alleluia
Om Yesu Om Yesu Om Yesu Om
Changeless and calm deep mystery ever more deeply rooted in thee
God guide us home, Christ make us one, Holy Spirit flow, Love will be done
Healing love is always within me
I thank you God for the wonder of my being
Come holy one be with us
Holy Holy
Bright light within us shine clear and free
Kyrie eleison liesou Christe yie Theo eleison me ton amartalon

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