Walking Home From Eden to Emmaus

by Margaret Guenther

This book is a series of meditations on the “walking stories” of Holy Scripture, beginning with the expulsion from Eden. Except for his triumphal entry into Jerusalem, mounted on a donkey, Jesus walked everywhere with his disciples. He was always arriving, on the way somewhere else, or departing. The disciples were sent out with practically nothing, permitted only a staff and sandals. Adan and Even walked out of the garden. Abraham and Isaac walked up to Mt. Moriah, the Israelites walked for forty years through the desert, the Prodigal Son walked home barefoot, and the disciples encountered the risen Christ as they walked to Emmaus.

If we take the walk of faith, our feet will get dirty, worn, and blistered. Boots and shoes, sandals, and sneakers, can protect and shield us. But the walk demands the we stand on solid ground, that we feel the earth beneath our feet, like Adam and Eve, when we go barefoot from the garden to begin our lifetime of walking.