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  • With Holy Awe

    Those of us who were part of the Vision Coalition and worked on Vision 2025: Our Ongoing Hope have been asked to write reflections on the Guiding Principles of Vision 2025. The Guiding Principles are statements that remind us of who we are and who we are becoming — a place where both the present […]

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  • Lenten Spiritual Direction with My Self

    Almost every day, rising from sleepI so casually hop online, and I am startled awake again, alarmed.Ukraine. Iran. Myanmar. Tyre. Ethan. Madison. Xana. Kaylee. The Clancy children. Just the recent headlines.Their names and faces are countless, really.Abuse. Torture. War. Trauma. Sex-trafficking. Homicide. Betrayals of every stripe.It dawns on me- I’m in an actual horror movie. […]

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  • Rooted in God

    Rooted in God

    While I was growing up in a small town in Southwest Minnesota, my most trusted confidant was… a tree. There must have been something about this young tree that drew me in. I remember a few notches at eye level that reminded me of eyes and a mouth, but, above all, I remember I was […]

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  • Vision 2025: Thoughts From Shalem’s Founder

    Vision 2025: Thoughts From Shalem’s Founder

    When I read Shalem’s Vision 2025, I found it truly visionary, sophisticated, and valuable for Shalem’s way forward. I’m grateful for all that went into its articulation.  50 years ago, at the founding of Shalem, we envisioned a place for contemplative prayer, a place of awe and wonder. We knew that Shalem’s life was ultimately a […]

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  • New Year, New Life, Renewed Call

    Early one morning something was stirring outside. It was almost as if something was tapping on the window, beckoning me out. I pulled open the front door and immediately felt light gusts of wind as I stepped onto our sheltered patio. As I looked heavenward, the upper branches of the eighty-foot redwoods by the garage […]

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  • Joseph, the Righteous Dreamer

    Joseph, the Righteous Dreamer

    Matthew 1:18-24 I’ve always thought that Joseph got shortchanged in the Gospel, and in the church’s devotional life. Mary gets so much attention, and rightly so, but Joseph doesn’t even get a speaking part! Unlike Mary’s Annunciation, Joseph’s Annunciation that we heard last week doesn’t get a lot of notice. But his “yes” to the […]

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Grounded in our understanding of God’s desire for peace, wholeness and well-being, we envision a world transformed by contemplative living and leadership in which all people honor one another and creation, recognize their unity and interconnectedness, and courageously seek to live out of this reality.