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  • Music as a Doorway to Prayer

    Music as a Doorway to Prayer

    Today’s post is by the late Ann Kulp. Music has called us to prayer through the ages: the shofar, psalm, pipes, harp, trumpet, the peal of bells, the carillon, and symphony. Some of us have been stilled and called through Tibetan bowls, whose sound lingers and leads us into the silence of waiting. There is…

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  • Heart, Mind & Prayer

    Heart, Mind & Prayer

    Today’s post is from the writings of the late Gerald May Sometimes, instead of praying, I find myself thinking about praying; evaluating how Iā€™m praying, figuring out what is proper or most effective. While these mental gymnastics may be well intentioned, and in fact have some real value as reflections before or after prayer, their…

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  • God Only Knows

    God Only Knows

    I lost all capacity for clarity or understanding of God’s desire for me. All the discernment methods I knew produced nothing, and it seemed somehow absurd to keep working at them. Further, I realized I no longer even understood the concept of discernment. The term seemed to have lost all meaning for me.

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  • Open and Available

    Open and Available

    Today’s post is an audio guided meditation by Patience Robbins. Feel free to tune in on your iPhone or mobile device, and find a quiet place to listen.

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  • Above the Clouds

    Above the Clouds

    The plane sped quickly down the runway, and we were flying. It was a full flight, and I wondered about what was happening with all the other individuals seated about me in the cabin. Were they coming, or going? Filled with hope about a new venture? Regretful about something that had already passed? We all…

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  • Every Moment Invites Us

    Every Moment Invites Us

    Thomas Keating says that God’s presence is a gift, closer to us than breathing, than thinking, and even closer than consciousness itself. You don’t need a silent church pew or a remote holy isle to access it. God’s presence, love and grace, are already there waiting to greet you wherever you are. Pausing to notice…

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