• Clair Ullmann

    • The Rev. Clair Ullmann is a priest in the Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe. She and her husband, Dr. Rainer Ullmann, received together their Masters in Family Systems and Sexuality from the Catholic University in Leuven Belgium in 2002. They lead a program for couples entitled: “Marriage: An Adventure in Progress.” Clair and Rainer live in Austria. Read more at www.clairullmann.com

Slowing Down

There are two gears in my body: fast and stop. I am trying to find or create some intermediate speeds, but it is very difficult. I have even tried QiQong to slow me down and to notice the moment. Even with this, I find I am faster in the movements than everyone else. I can […]

March 03, 2020 by Clair Ullmann 2 Comments

The Everlasting Source

Today’s post is by Clair Ullmann Your physical attributes, like your body, are merely borrowed. Do not set your heart on them, for they are transient and only last for an hour. Your spirit in contrast is eternal: your body is on this earth, like a lamp, but its light comes from that everlasting Source above. ~Rumi […]

January 01, 2018 by Clair Ullmann 1 Comment

Virtual Spiritual Community

Today’s post is by Clair Ullmann Can you imagine living in an area where no one speaks your language well? Can you imagine living in an area where you are hours away from a place of worship and faith community that is familiar to you? What would you do to connect to a spiritual deepening […]

August 08, 2016 by Clair Ullmann