• Marjorie Wilhelmi

Sabbath Practices for Going Deeper

We yield, because you, beyond us, are our God. We are your creatures met by your holiness, by your holiness made our true selves. And we yield.  Amen. — Walter Brueggemann I have always felt drawn to a daily time of quiet reflection and prayer.  That practice has become more essential than ever, as I […]

January 01, 2009 by Marjorie Wilhelmi

Going Deeper

“It is not you who shapes God, but God who shapes you.” I came to Shalem dried out and dusty-wilderness clay grown hard and stale.  I came parched for living water. I came needing renewal of my heart and soul-to be re-oriented, re-presented, re-purposed, re-shaped by the One who is at work even in me […]

January 01, 2009 by Marjorie Wilhelmi