• Ron Rolheiser

    • Ronald Rolheiser, OMI, a specialist in the field of spirituality, is president of the Oblate School of Theology in San Antonio, Texas. In addition to having a regular column in the Catholic Herald, he is the author of several books, including The Holy Longing: Guidelines for a Christian Spirituality.

Spirituality and Spiritualities

Today’s post is by Ron Rolheiser What is spirituality and what makes for different spiritualities? The word spirituality is relatively new within the English-speaking world, at least in terms of how it is being used today. Prior to the 1960s you would have found very few books in English with the word “spirituality” in their […]

On Being Perpetually Distracted

Article by Ron Rolheiser (March 2019 eNews) There’s a story in the Hindu tradition that runs something like this: God and a man are walking down a road. The man asks God: “What is the world like?” God answers: “I’d like to tell you, but my throat is parched. I need a cup of cold […]