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Listen to the Mockingbird

Today’s post is by Rose Mary Dougherty Recently, I have been struck by the song of the mockingbird. I have one (the same one every day, I think) that sits in a tree in my backyard, picking up the song of other birds and singing all evening long. I noticed that even when my neighbor […]

The Isle of Iona: Definitely a Special Place

Today’s post is by Leah Rampy “I’ve heard it called a ‘thin place,’” he told me. “I’m not sure that I believe that, so I want to see for myself.”  It sounded to my ears as if he’d laid down a challenge—to me, or the island, I wasn’t sure which. Coming from someone I respect, […]

November 11, 2017 by Leah Rampy
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Work is love made visible.

~Kahlil Gibran

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A natural, vibrant response to life
depends on inner balance.

~Tarthang Tulku


Nourish yourself in a way that helps you blossom.
You are worth the effort.

~Deborah Day

Into the Wilderness

Article by Trish Stefanik (August 2017 eNews) I used to live in the mountain wilderness of West Virginia. I also love to spend time in the high desert of New Mexico. Both places of natural wonder open me to God. Confronted with the magnificence and starkness of the landscape and the infinite variety of creation, […]

Stop talking, stop thinking, and there is nothing you will not understand.


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Fountain Fullness and Good Stewardship

Post by Mary van Balen And since the nature of goodness is to diffuse itself… the Father is the fountain-fullness of goodness.        Ilia Delio Yet access to safe drinkable water is a basic and universal human right, since it is essential to human survival and, as such, is a condition for the exercise […]

July 07, 2017 by Mary van Balen
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Love is always there.

~Gerald May

Seek out a tree and
let it teach you stillness.

~Eckhart Tolle