Contemplative Earth Awareness

Wake up to the wonder that is all around you. 

Take a retreat day with Shalem—ONLINE.

This is a time of awakening and connection. As we hold Earth and one another in prayer, we have an opportunity to stretch our contemplative awareness in new ways.

Shalem’s online retreat day with staff member Ann Dean is an opportunity to notice the loving Presence all around us and to deepen our awareness of the oneness of life. Using poetry, meditations, reflection questions and invitations into silence, Ann creates a special space for seeing and appreciating our connection to the natural world.

Whether you are a volunteer at your local watershed, a parent or grandparent wanting to teach the next generation about Earth care, a pastor who wants to bring more Earth-friendly practices to your congregation, or simply a lover of nature—you are invited to join us.


Intent: to deepen contemplative Earth awareness by opening more fully to the divine, loving, unitive Presence in all living beings.

This online retreat day consists of video and audio teaching, which you can access on your computer or tablet, poetry for reading and contemplation, guided meditation audio, reflection questions and invitations into silence.

Ann Dean, a spiritual director and nationally-known leader of retreats and conferences for deepening the life of prayer, invites you to deepen your contemplative Earth awareness by opening more fully to the divine loving Presence in all living beings.

Retreat Schedule

Morning Session
Welcome video by Ann Dean: 5 min
Audio teaching and breath prayer guided meditation: 30 min
Silence and Reflection Questions

Afternoon Session
Tree guided meditation: 20 min
Closing Prayer video: 10 min
Silence and Reflection Questions


Ann Dean is Director of Shalem’s Transforming Community: Leading Contemplative Prayer Groups & Retreats Program. Ann is a spiritual director and nationally-known leader of retreats and conferences for deepening the life of prayer and developing new structures committed to contemplative prayer, Earth care and social justice. She has been a minister in the ecumenical community of the Church of the Saviour since 1994 and is a member of the Dayspring Retreat Mission Group.

Price & Registration

Registration is now closed.

Technical requirements: The retreat website can be accessed on any computer or tablet. Teachings and audio/video reflections are hosted by YouTube. Poetry and other readings can be printed if desired. Access your retreat immediately upon purchase, via a link in your email.


I appreciated the calm, non-directive, open, inviting nature of the experience. I was reawakened to some aliveness in the Great Mystery which I found very satisfying.

The Earth Awareness Day provided the structure and guidance I was looking for in setting aside a Sabbath Day for myself. Nature has always been a place where I feel closer to the Divine. This online retreat built on that foundation and drew me deeper into communion with God as the “shy, wild animal of my soul” showed itself. I was very grateful for the opportunity to rest in God for a day and be held in God’s Creation. I ended the day refreshed, renewed and inspired to carry my experience into my more active life – and to share it with others.

It was a great opportunity to become more aware of my surroundings. The guided meditation was helpful in growing to be at peace with myself and surroundings.

I have found this one-day, at-home retreat to be a refreshing break, a pick-me-up as the season changes in nature and in my life.

For anyone with a handicap or trouble traveling, these eCourses provide a great way of continuing our spiritual journey to the Divine!

These Shalem online retreats are like the “living water” that Jesus promised so that our spiritual thirst can be quenched and our spirits revived.