With Hearts Wide Open

Online Seminar on Contemplative Leadership

Do you yearn to explore a way of leading that is more aligned with your heart?

Leah_FBLeadership is challenging, no matter the workplace.  Despite our best intentions, we all too often find ourselves acting in ways that feel out-of-step with our deepest longings.  With hearts wide open, we can see how to lead in a more contemplative way.

Join other leaders in this online course as together we reflect on the invitation to contemplative leadership, a countercultural practice grounded in deep listening and compassion.  Whether you are in a formal or informal leadership role, you’ll find practices and support to help you remain spacious, flexible and open to the True Leader, the Spirit.

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ContLeadershipThrough content videos and audio, Leah Rampy will help explore compassion and power as dimensions of contemplative leadership and will offer space for reflection and support for contemplative practice at a time in our world where contemplative leadership is needed now more than ever.


  • To create a shared understanding of contemplative leadership
  • To explore the concepts of compassion and power as dimensions of contemplative leadership
  • To offer space for reflection and support for contemplative practice
  • To provide resources and support for your contemplative leadership

The six days of material can be accessed anytime. All of the content is online, and you can listen and experience at the times that work best for you.

Leah Rampy has a background in corporate management and leadership consulting as well as a deep passion for contemplative living and care of the Earth. She has a PhD in Curriculum from Indiana University and is a graduate of Shalem’s Living in God: Personal Spiritual Deepening and Transforming Community: Leading Contemplative Prayer Groups & Retreats Programs. Leah was Shalem’s Executive Director from 2009-2015.

Compassion Guided Meditation
To give you a taste of the content of the seminar:

Technical requirements: Any computer, laptop or tablet will allow you access to our course website. Adjust your email spam filters to receive emails from info@shalem.org. Teachings are hosted by YouTube. Prayerful technical assistance is offered via email.

For further information: Contact helpdesk@shalem.org or (301-897-7334)

Material is available April 4 to June 13, 2018

The six modules of material can be accessed anytime within the course dates. The online seminar audio, video, and PDFs are designed to be asynchronous and on-demand. The modules are each set up to be accessed on a single day, so ideally you will be able to set aside six days during the time the seminar is open.

Here is one example of how your days might unfold as you engage in this seminar. This includes the timeframe of each video and audio recording.

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Very worthwhile. The course had a simplicity and depth that helped me get to the heart of leadership. I did not want long, complex definitions of effective leadership. I am convinced that the spirit of leadership taught in this course is the one that all leaders are hungering for most, consciously or unconsciously.

Leah was clearly very experienced in management and a deeply prayerful person…a gifted facilitator even when it was all electronic.

Felt like I was doing very important work towards healing as well as learning how to lead from the heart…while being in the holy quiet of my own home. I looked forward to the time each day and felt opened, loving, and fed spiritually when I finished each module. Thanks so much. It was a very rich spiritual experience.