We Belong to Each Other

Today’s post is by Savannah Kate Coffey There is no denying we live under the constant threat of violence. Sunday night, a celebratory Las Vegas landscape was instantly disfigured into carnage. Terror is its own particular brand of horror, causing pain indiscriminately and without warning. Individuals have the power to destroy, but individuals also have […]

October 10, 2017 by Kate Coffey 1 Comment
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There must be always remaining in every life,
some place for the singing of angels,
some place for that which in itself
is breathless and beautiful.

~Howard Thurman


Draining the Pond

I was delighted to see I had a view of the pond. Through brightly colored leaves, I caught a glimpse of water shimmering below. Ah, the pond! Still water, reflecting clouds and sun, holding leaves aloft – oranges and yellows, sky blue, greyish white and dark green.

Responsibility & Bliss

Today’s post is by Savannah Kate Coffey.

Winsome One,

You, whose very desire is the crucible of creation,

You, who speaks the invitation so alluring,

Let there be-

You, vulnerable and open, enticing yet restrained,

awaiting a response.

I can almost see the gleam in your eye.

We all say, Yes.

Trembling and ablaze,

rising to life.

We are more than friends, you and I.

More than companions,

more than master and humble servant, grateful for your generosity.

We are divine conspirators,

breathing together new life.

You, the beginning and end of all my longing.

This night, as I rise again and again to the cries of my son,

may I know the satisfaction of this liturgy,

The call and response of your hungry love.

May the sun find me with a weary smile upon my face,

drenched in the dew of your desire.

I wrote this poem when my son was an infant and the nights felt endless. I originally titled it, “One mother’s prayer at 3:43 am.”