Shalem Summer Reading 2012

Whether you are at the beach, or in your backyard, study or bedroom, we recommend some Shalem authors for your summer reading pleasure:

Dougherty, Rose Mary.  Discernment: A Path to Spiritual Awakening
A sensitive guide through the sometimes difficult terrain of spiritual discernment

Dougherty, Rose Mary.  Group Spiritual Direction: Community for Discernment
An essential resource for anyone wishing to explore the possibilities of spiritual community within the context of group spiritual direction

Dougherty, Rose Mary.  The Lived Experience of Group Spiritual Direction
A collection of first-hand reports from experienced facilitators and participants in group spiritual direction

Edwards, Tilden.  Embracing the Call to Spiritual Depth
A prayerful personal experience of God’s presence and living in that presence

Edwards, Tilden.  Living in the Presence
A treasure-house of insight and practical exercises for living a contemplative life

Edwards, Tilden.  Sabbath Time
A spiritual classic that presents the Sabbath as an integral dimension of the Christian life

Edwards, Tilden.  Spiritual Director, Spiritual Companion
A look at contemplative spiritual direction with practical suggestions for finding an authentic spiritual companion

Edwards, Tilden.  Spiritual Friend
An exploration of the ancient spiritual relationship of spiritual guidance and what this ministry means for us today

Edwards, Tilden.  Valuing and Nurturing a Mind-in-Heart Way
A 48-page booklet that highlights the importance and potential impact of a contemplatively-oriented seminary experience

Guenther, Margaret.  Walking Home: From Eden to Emmaus
A series of meditations on the walking stories of Holy Scripture

Lindbloom, Lois.  Companions on the Journey: Cultivating Discernment in Spiritual Direction
A 24-page booklet that focuses on individual spiritual direction or spiritual companioning

Lindbloom, Lois.  Is That You, God?  Discernment as a Way of Life
A 20-page booklet that looks at the human desire to be aware of God’s presence and guidance in daily life and offers ways of prayerfully discerning how to notice and respond

Lindbloom, Lois.  Prayerful Listening: Cultivating Discernment in Community
A 20-page booklet that explores the experience of prayerful listening with practical information about setting up a prayerful listening group

Newell, John Philip.  A New Harmony: The Spirit, The Earth, and the Human Soul
A presentation of a new vision and a pathway toward transformation in our lives and world

May, Gerald.  Addiction & Grace
An examination of the processes of attachment that lead to addiction and the relationship between addiction and spiritual awareness

May, Gerald.  The Awakened Heart
An eloquent guide to spiritual self-awareness and the human ability to choose to love well

May, Gerald.  Care of Mind/Care of Spirit
A classic discussion of the nature of contemporary spiritual guidance and its relationship to counseling and psychiatry

May, Gerald.  The Dark Night of the Soul
An illustration of how our most desperate moments are necessary for authentic spiritual growth

May, Gerald.  Living in Love
A compilation of Jerry May’s Shalem newsletter articles with photos and quotes from Jerry’s other published works

May, Gerald.  Will and Spirit
A perceptive account of the difference between willfulness and willingness in the spiritual life

May, Gerald.  The Wisdom of Wilderness
An expression of healing and wholeness found through spending time in the wild

Robbins, Patience Leiden.  Parenting: A Sacred Path
A 42-page booklet that addresses the challenge of contemplative parenting, useful for both personal reflection and with groups

Shalem Institute.  Holy Meeting Ground
An anthology of Shalem’s first 20 years

All these books can be ordered through the Shalem Store by on the titles above.

July 07, 2012 by Shalem Institute
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