Don’t Talk, Don’t Run

380119_2467672149236_322034698_nBy Stephanie Gretchen Burgevin. Stephanie is a writer and retreat leader. She is an associate faculty member of Shalem and a graduate of theirLeading Contemplative Prayer Groups and Retreats Program and leads spiritual and secular programs. Stephanie manages Shalem’s blog and is one of the social media coordinators for the Shalem Institute Facebook page.

At the recent Contemplative Voices Award evening Rose Mary Dougherty told a story about when Tilden Edwards (Shalem’s founder) was a newly ordained minister. He was going out on his first “sick call” and feeling a bit nervous. His rector called out to him as he was leaving and said the woman Tilden was going to see was an important person for the church. That if it wasn’t for her the church wouldn’t exist (nothing like a little pressure).

Well, Tilden got to the hospital and stood in the woman’s doorway. He was relieved, she seemed to be sleeping. Perhaps, he thought he would get out of it after all.

At that moment she opened her eyes and said, “Don’t talk, don’t run.”

Aren’t those wonderful directions for our spiritual lives?

Don’t let our words, our over-thinking and complicating processes get in the way of the most natural relationship there is. Keep it simple.

Don’t run, even when it gets scary or frustrating or seems empty. Stick with it.

How do those words feel to you? Do you ever find yourself getting in your own way?

Let us know what you think by leaving a comment here.

February 02, 2013 by Shalem Institute 4 Comments
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10 years ago

“Don’t talk; don’t run” what wonderful advice to one who wants to be totally present to another. It takes doing it first with God and the grace is given to be there for others in the same profound way. In a nutshell “Don’t talk” could sum up a way of being, a lifestyle. “Don’t run” addresses the most profound fears and addictions we have.

10 years ago

Don’t talk. The Spirit is at work. Stay. Listen.
Thank you for the reminder.

10 years ago

Don’t talk, don’t run….feels like coming home, thank you.

Elaine Dent
Elaine Dent
10 years ago

Thank you!


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