Litany of the Holy Spirit

richard new mug 1 copyGuest blog by Richard Rohr, OFM, Founding Director of the Center for Action and Contemplation, received Shalem’s 2013 Contemplative Voices Award and is a member of Shalem’s 40th Anniversary Honorary Council for Shalem’s 40th Anniversary Prayer Vigil.

I have become convinced that rediscovering the power, gift, and meaning of the Holy Spirit is the key to the recovery of the contemplative mind and heart.  Instead of writing a long theological article which few might read, I offer you an old style Catholic litany to teach the mystery experientially—which is how the Spirit teaches!  Instead of a verbal response to each title, I recommend that you take a calm breath in and out while reciting each sacred name.  These are metaphors to help describe the Holy Mystery Within, and to begin the constant and conscious breathing called prayer. Many of them are based on images found in John’s Gospel and Paul’s Letters. Hopefully, you will find more metaphors of your own inside this precious realization.

Pure Gift of God
Indwelling Presence
Promise of the Father
Life of Jesus
Pledge and Guarantee
Eternal Praise
Defense Attorney
Inner Anointing
Reminder of the Mystery
Homing Device
Knower of All Things
Stable Witness
Implanted Pacemaker
Overcomer of the Gap
Always Already Awareness
Compassionate Observer
Magnetic Center
God Compass
Inner Breath
Divine DNA
Mutual Yearning Place
Given Glory
Hidden Love of God
Choiceless Awareness
Implanted Hope
Seething Desire
Fire of Life and Love
Sacred Peacemaker
Non Violence of God
Seal of the Incarnation
First Fruit of Everything
Planted Law

Planted Law
Father and Mother of Orphans
Truth Speaker
God’s Secret Plan
Great Bridge Builder
Warmer of Hearts
Space Between Everything
Flowing Stream
Wind of Change
Descended Dove
Cloud of Unknowing
Uncreated Grace
Filled Emptiness
Deepest Level of our Longing
Attentive Heart
Sacred Wounding
Holy Healing
Softener of our spirit
Will of God
Great Compassion
Generosity of the Creator
Inherent Victory
One Sadness
Our Shared Joy
God’s tears
God’s happiness
The Welcoming Within
Eternal Lasting Covenant
Contract Written on our Hearts
Jealous Lover
Desiring of God

You who pray in us, through us, with us, for us, and in spite of us

Amen! Alleluia!

August 08, 2013 by Shalem Institute 6 Comments
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Dennis Winkleblack
Dennis Winkleblack
10 years ago

Powerful! My mind races with possibilities for prayer/study/group awareness. What a gift!

10 years ago

Agree, Dennis. Richard Rohr has given us a rich gift!

10 years ago

Incredibly simple, deeply spiritual, so beautifully easy!

Eric Weinberg
Eric Weinberg
10 years ago

This hearkens back to Jewish tradition..Meditation on the “Names of God, the divine qualities and activities, is a profound practice of repairing the intimacy of our relationship with the ultimate.

10 years ago
Reply to  Eric Weinberg

Lovely–“repairing the intimacy of our relationship with the ultimate”!

rose Santoro
rose Santoro
10 years ago

I must agree with Steph Repairing our relationship with the Spirit


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