Holy Interruptions

DSC_01932 croppedBy Ann Kulp. Ann is a spiritual director who leads workshops and retreats. and a Shalem adjunct staff member.

The daily ingredients that we so often shun as unworthy can hold some amazing treasures if we pause to examine them.

Heavens! I’m always busy, and such a piece of wisdom is hardly welcome! But, I want to be fed, nurtured, and attend to my spiritual core. These interruptions that intrude every morning, afternoon, evening and even during sleep (!) may come with messages if I’m willing to pay attention to the underlying (or obvious) meaning.

How open are we to the various daily events that present themselves to us? Do we make snap judgments and dismiss unwelcome possibilities or can we see an invitation that is full of serendipity? Can we allow our bodies to slow down, resist judging and set aside mind games in order to give ourselves permission to try something new? Are we able to stop! look! listen! to whatever presents itself?

Interruptions? Might they be Holy interruptions?

Anthony deMello, Indian Jesuit, was known for standing before his retreatants and suddenly, without warning, shouting: “WAKE UP!” Perhaps we need to wake up to our busyness and excuses and explore our “holy interruptions!”

If you too are plagued with this bombardment of life and want to shift your perspective, I invite you to join me for an online retreat to explore the holy possibilities of life’s distractions and interminable interruptions. This special retreat day holds a potpourri of opportunities for contemplative examination, ranging from Celtic prayers, art samples to gaze upon, body prayers that are keepers, music to still or excite the soul, and poems/stories from which to learn about choices. You can participate from the quiet of your home at a time that is convenient for you.

If you are interested, click here for more information or to register.

March 03, 2014 by Shalem Institute 1 Comment
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Leah Rampy
Leah Rampy
10 years ago

I so need to remember this!!! Thank you, Ann.


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