How are we called to pray for our precious planet?

A new year is an opportunity to set intentions and hold space for something new to unfold. Shalem is beginning 2018 with weekly Prayer for the World sessions. Patience Robbins is leading these intentional gatherings where we hold our planet in compassion, light and love and listen for what the Spirit is inviting in our current world situation. We invite you to join us on Wednesday mornings in January from 8:30-9:00am ET by phone (instructions for joining here), or to simply join us in thought and prayer during that time, wherever you are.

You can listen to the January 3 prayer session here:

This past fall, we asked a number of you what your prayer intention was for our world. We would like to share a few of those intentions here, so that we can share them together, and notice what the Spirit is prompting in and through many of us. We invite you to share a response in the comment section below.

We asked: “How are we called to pray for our precious planet?” Here are some of the responses:

  • We must Love All and Serve All and know that we are All One.
  • In silence, in community, in Spirit, with God, for life.
  • The planet asks for healing…
  • Deep listening to the wounds of our times, in our bothers and sisters, and all the sacred life that is being consumed, possessed and destroyed.
  • I pray daily in a variety of ways: centering prayer, setting intentions, the rosary, Eucharist, Taizé, momentary spontaneous prayer, Scripture, the Psalms . . . I think there are endless ways of holding up our precious planet to the love and care of God.
  • From and through the heart of Christ that dwells in us. From the deep awe-filled awareness that we are one with our precious planet and with all its inhabitants, human and otherwise. To not be overwhelmed into paralysis in the face of the enormity of the task of caring for creation. For wisdom to discern the particular focus and means that is ours to do.
  • Listening in common silence.
  • With open hearts and active, loving readiness through connection and engagement with all of God’s creation.
  • Holding it tenderly and gently in our hands and hearts.
  • Breath prayers and silent prayer seem to be the only ways for me right now.
  • Given the recent hurricanes and now the earthquake in Mexico, we are called to pray for eyes to see ways in which we may begin to work for fostering better climates and stop poisoning our planet with pollution and pesticides
  • From a deep place of soul and connectedness.
  • With Love for Mother Earth.
  • I pray for MERCY for the ways in which we abuse Mother Earth and its inhabitants.
  • In a spirit of love, and knowledge of the sacred web that connects us all.
  • That an awareness of our deep connection with our Mother Earth and one another will lead us to a more profound reverence and care for all of creation.
  • Because all creation is sister and brother to us.
  • Through action.
  • Sharing awareness.
  • We must be conscious of the universe, the world around us, and our community and we must pray for the continuous evolution and connections within our world.
  • With the faith and knowledge that we and all creation one.
  • With love, compassion and action.
  • To live and breathe and have our being with the spirit of healing.
  • with a contemplative heart and unity with all of creation.
  • To care for it as we would want to be cared for.
  • Be peace.
  • We are called as people of faith, as followers of Jesus, as children of God, and as the generation to prepare this planet and our children to sustain the bounty and beauty of this world.
  • That it may be restored to the harmony and balance that God created.
  • I hold the planet in loving kindness, with the intentions that all people be healthy, safe, happy and free from suffering. I ask G-d to give me some direction on how I might assist Her.
  • Surround globe with God’s light, healing, peace and unity.
  • That peace and love flow like a mighty stream through every human heart.
  • Through hope and faith rather than despair: small actions and presence.
  • In openness and trust in the Love that is the Reality of creation.
  • For the best and highest in all we do.
  • With a clear mind and open heart.
  • To cleanse and restore the air we need for life.
  • As a loving response to all of the natural and created chaos in the world today.

It is a great gift to know that so many of us are holding the planet and all beings in prayer, with a deep consciousness that our oneness forms the basis for healing and wholeness. We invite you to join us in prayer any time and at all times, and in particular during our Wednesday morning prayer times this month. May the knowledge that so many of us around the globe are holding these prayers and intentions give us courage to know that whatever challenges we face, we are not alone.

January 01, 2018 by Shalem Institute
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