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Coming Home

Today’s post is by Patience Robbins

I have been pondering Home. Where is Home, what is Home? This led me back to the line in the Gospel of John:  “Make your home in me, as I make my home in you.” Ah yes, that is the deep knowing within me. The Divine Mystery, the Beloved, the Compassionate One, the tender Mother lives within.

In these days of unrest and upheaval, incredible political division and hostility, when fear and manipulation run rampant, these words are singing deep in my soul:  Make your home in me, make your home in me.

What does home feel like: rest, peace, stillness, security, unity. Knowing this truth is freeing and hopeful, yet so very challenging to practice. It requires continual return to the heart place within, breathing into it and allowing it to expand.

This could look like an escape to some, but in my experience, takes me to a deeper, solid and new place.  Some might say I am re-wiring my brain, creating new neural pathways that move toward oneness, compassion and creativity. Ah, not just for me, but for the whole. Is that not what we need now for the human family?

I invite you to join me in this practice: the continual return to the heart, breathing and allowing calm and stillness to flow and that deep resting in Home. May we gather in pairs, small groups, large groups, and virtual groups to practice so that we might discover how this will transform us, the people around us and the global community.

July 07, 2018 by Patience Robbins
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