Articles on Prayer

  • New Year, New Life, Renewed Call

    Early one morning something was stirring outside. It was almost as if something was tapping on the window, beckoning me out. I pulled open the front door and immediately felt light gusts of wind as I stepped onto our sheltered patio. As I looked heavenward, the upper branches of the eighty-foot redwoods by the garage […]

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  • Joseph, the Righteous Dreamer

    Joseph, the Righteous Dreamer

    Matthew 1:18-24 I’ve always thought that Joseph got shortchanged in the Gospel, and in the church’s devotional life. Mary gets so much attention, and rightly so, but Joseph doesn’t even get a speaking part! Unlike Mary’s Annunciation, Joseph’s Annunciation that we heard last week doesn’t get a lot of notice. But his “yes” to the […]

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  • What is Waiting to be Discovered in the Darkness?

    What is Waiting to be Discovered in the Darkness?

    “And the people stood afar off, while Moses drew near to the thick darkness where God was.” (Exodus 20:21) The year is winding down, and the winter solstice is just around the corner. For me, the shorter days leading to the longest night are a time to reflect on what has been revealed in the […]

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  • Why I Said “Yes” to this Pilgrimage

    Why I Said “Yes” to this Pilgrimage

    It is hard to walk in the dark. If you’ve ever gone camping and had to use the restroom in the middle of the night, you know the challenge of walking over uncertain terrain to find the facilities. That’s when you’re glad you remembered to pack a flashlight. The truth is, we’ve all been walking […]

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  • Meandering


    My spiritual journey has meandered over the years. I grew up the youngest of seven children in a loving, traditional Roman Catholic family. My early faith formation taught me valuable lessons about the importance of spiritual community, prayer, meaningful rituals, and family. I’m grateful for those lessons. As a young adult, I wandered away from […]

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  • Quilting as a Path to Love and Deep Listening

    Writing about love and deepening my ability to express the centrality of love to life itself is a goal I set for myself in retirement. Influenced by grace and serendipity, I had an unexpected awakening to how creativity and deep listening advance love and healing, while attending the annual American Library Association conference in Washington […]

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