• Keith Kristich

    • Keith Kristich teaches on contemplative prayer, mediation and the Enneagram and is a graduate of Shalem’s Transforming Community: Leading Contemplative Prayer Groups & Retreats, Class of 2017. You can find more about Keith’s work at https://www.keithkristich.com/

Community of Heart: Practicing in Common-Unity

Today’s post is by Keith Kristich Communities of spiritual practice are often home to those who would not typically choose to spend time together. In Chris Heuertz’s most recent book, The Sacred Enneagram, a book integrating contemplative prayer with personality psychology of the Enneagram, Chris writes this of his contemplative prayer group: “Those who normally […]

Listening from the Spiritual Heart

Today’s blog is by Keith Kristich “An atmosphere of intentional prayer precedes and follows group sessions, permeating the time together, as all seek an attitude of trustful openness, ready to share what is given as the fruit of prayer and reflection, and ready to hear what arises in the silence and words of direction time.” […]