• Sarah K. Fishback

    • SK (Sarah Kate) Fishback lives in a cohousing neighborhood in Durham, NC with her husband and son. Before joining Shalem's Young Adult Life and Leadership (YALLI) 2015 class, SK completed an MBA and worked in technology and social entrepreneurship. When not circling up, SK enjoys offering spiritual direction, imagining more whole futures for ourselves and our world, moving her body and taking in the wonders outside.

Open-Hearted in the Darkness

Today’s post is by Sarah-Kate Fishback In both joy and pain, love is boundless. Love is open, allowing our hearts to be touched and moved by what exists. Love is honest, willing to be present to life just as it is, in all its beauty and ugliness. True love is not blind at all; it […]

July 07, 2018 by Sarah K. Fishback