This schedule may vary slightly based on the movement of the Spirit and the needs of the community.

Day One

Monday, July 17 – Oia
We gather at our lodging in Oia, Spain in the late afternoon, beginning with an opening circle of introductions and preparing spiritually for the seven-day walk ahead. (Photo credit: Jackson Droney, pilgrimage leader)


Day Two

Tuesday, July 18 – Baiona
We begin our daily rhythm of walking, leaving Oia in silence. Focusing on our theme of “remember,” once in Baiona, we hold pilgrim listening circles. (Photo credit: Jackson Droney, pilgrimage leader)

Day Three

Wednesday, July 19 – Vigo
Today is the longest day of walking, and the trail splits into differing routes. One route goes along the coast near the water. (Photo credit: Jackson Droney, pilgrimage leader)

Day Four

Thursday, July 20 – Redondela
Today is the shortest distance of walking, but it includes the steepest terrain. We’ll go up and down a mountain. Once in Redondela, emphasizing our theme of “release,” we hold pilgrim listening circles. (Photo credit: Christiana Lundholm, 2022 pilgrim)

Day Five

Friday, July 21 – Pontevedra
Half-way to Santiago, we will have free time in the lively town of Pontevedra and can explore the Pilgrim’s Chapel and Convent of St. Francis. (Photo credit: Jon Buck, 2022 Pilgrim)

Day Six

Saturday, July 22 – Caldas de Reis
Continuing our daily walking rhythm, we arrive in the sleepy town of Caldas de Reis. We will take time to tend to our bodies after five days of walking with the option of taking a dip in a natural hot spring. (Photo Credit: Buck Cochran, 2022 Pilgrim)

Day Seven

Sunday, July 23 – Padron
On our penultimate day of walking, our journey takes us through Padron, famous for its peppers. Emphasizing our theme of “reimagine” we hold our final time of pilgrim listening circles. (Photo Credit: Martha Kirkpatrick)

Day Eight

Monday, July 24 – Santiago
After our final day of walking, we arrive at last in Santiago on the eve of the Feast of St. James. We hold our closing circle to reexamine our intentions and prepare for the next day’s festivities. (Photo credit: Jackson Droney, pilgrimage leader)

Day Nine

Tuesday, July 25 – Santiago
The last full day of our pilgrimage does not include any programming. Enjoy the Feast Day festivities as you wish and have dinner on your own. (Photo Credit: Jon Buck)

Day Ten

Wednesday, July 26 – Santiago
Pilgrims depart as their schedules require.
(Photo Credit: Buck Cochran, 2022 Pilgrim)


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In 2025, Shalem will be a dynamic and inclusive community, empowered by the Spirit, where seekers engage in transformation of themselves, their communities, and the world through spiritual growth, deep connection, and courageous action.