Group Spiritual Direction Level 1 Workshop

For Those Who Want to Learn or Deepen the Practice of Group Spiritual Direction

September 20 – 22, 2024 (via Zoom)

Would you like to expand your capacity to listen to God on behalf of others?

Join us to deepen your contemplative grounding for this prayer practice through authentic sharing and faithful listening.

Group Spiritual Direction Schedule

Friday, September 20, 2024, 12:00 – 6:00 pm EST

Saturday, September 21, 2024, 12:00 – 6:00 pm EST

Sunday, September 22, 2024, 12:30 – 6:00 pm EST

Whether you are new to Group Spiritual Direction, wish to explore it further, or are seeking support and guidance for forming a group, please consider joining us for this virtual workshop on Zoom. Participants will experience Group Spiritual Direction (GSD) each day with an experienced facilitator and deepen their contemplative grounding for this prayer practice through authentic sharing and faithful listening.

Participants will immerse themselves in our virtual spiritual community as they experience Group Spiritual Direction and explore their own call to this ministry. Through live experiential learning, presentations, small GSD groups, and prayerful silence, participants will steep themselves in the contemplative grounding which is the heart of this ministry. Presentations will include an introduction to the practice of Group Spiritual Direction, as well as introductions to the themes of prayerful listening, spiritual community, discernment, and intercessory prayer. Each person will have the opportunity to experience and practice this listening/ sharing process which aids depth, trust, and healing. Together, participants will discover how this process can transform the world.

This workshop will be offered live on Zoom with experienced staff present. The first part of our time each day will be in the full group with presentations from the staff and some experiential exercises. The second part will be in small listening groups facilitated by experienced staff members. The groups will follow the Group Spiritual Direction process that Shalem teaches, which is based on the book Group Spiritual Direction, by Rose Mary Dougherty. All of this will be woven in prayer!

Because both the teaching and small groups are foundational to the group spiritual direction practice, it is essential that participants commit to participating fully in the entire workshop.

In preparation for this workshop, please consider preparing a quiet, private, sacred space in your home that will support your prayerful participation in this workshop. It is important that participants are available for each of the workshop’s teaching and small group sessions.

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“I attended the in-person GSD workshop in 2017, and it felt like coming home. This process has been such a gentle and grace-filled container for growth in my prayer life, and in my relationships. All of the foundational elements of Group Spiritual Direction can be applied to other contexts, so that we are not simply learning a format, we are receiving a new way of being.”

-Sarah Forti


The core leaders of this workshop have each practiced and facilitated Group Spiritual Direction for many years and enjoy sharing it with others! They will be supported by additional experienced small group facilitators.

Margaret Benefiel

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Sarah Forti

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Marlin Good

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Leonard McMahon

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Nan Weir

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Cost: $265

Registration Deadline: September 11, 2024

Some tuition assistance is available based on need. Please contact ArDonna ( for more details.


ArDonna Hamilton is the Registrar for the Group Spiritual Direction workshop and can be contacted at


Our mission is to nurture contemplative living and leadership.


In 2025, Shalem will be a dynamic and inclusive community, empowered by the Spirit, where seekers engage in transformation of themselves, their communities, and the world through spiritual growth, deep connection, and courageous action.