• Susan Etherton

    • Susan Etherton is a Spiritual Director in Northern Virginia and serves on the Board of the Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation. Susan is an ordained Elder in the Presbyterian Church (USA) and worships at Arlington Presbyterian with her husband, Jon and their two college-aged children, Sarah and Jay. As a beloved child of God, she rejoices in the gifts of creation through her spiritual practices of photography and song.

Iona: A Pilgrimage in Image and Word

Photo blog by Susan Etherton 1) Everywhere you go there is a secret room. To discover it, you must knock on walls… and listen for the echo that portends the secret passage. Everywhere has a secret room. You must find your own, in a small chapel, a tiny café, a quiet park, the pew where […]

December 12, 2017 by Susan Etherton
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Draining the Pond

I was delighted to see I had a view of the pond. Through brightly colored leaves, I caught a glimpse of water shimmering below. Ah, the pond! Still water, reflecting clouds and sun, holding leaves aloft – oranges and yellows, sky blue, greyish white and dark green.