Shalem Society

Shalem Society Annual Gathering

October 10-14, 2021, online

The Gathering goes from 4 PM ET on 10/10 until 12:30 PM on 10/14.

(For those who feel led to engage in the business of the Shalem Society, there will be an additional Thursday afternoon session from 1 to 4 PM.)

“Living in Between”

Our recent journey through pandemic, racial injustice, and economic and societal uncertainty has left us traumatized by public events and private struggles. We have been battered by the lies and illusions that seemed to engulf the world. While the specific incident of a trauma may cease, trauma itself can remain with us, shaping our future and our perspective on the past. We store experiences of trauma in our bodies, yet we build resilience as we integrate the traumatizing experiences into our lives. Dawn breaks, yet the memory of shadow remains within us.

Last year we dove deep beneath chaos to reconnect with the Divine Source. Now we stand at the water’s edge just before first light. In the liminal space between sea and shore, darkness and dawn, we seek reconnection and resilience so we might bear the truth-revealing light and prepare to bring a contemplative witness to the world. With so much to learn and do, can we walk into the world with courage and humility, grounded in love and openness? We trust the Holy One walks with us, is at work in us and around us in ways we are not yet able to see.

As we wait and watch for dawn, we live in between, alert for glimpses of truth. What we have learned from our walk through the shadows promises a deeper joy—not because we’ll be free of trauma or restored to what was before, not because there are no shadows ahead, but because we have been changed along the way—

better able to see what is true . . .
accompanied by the Divine Love . . .
shaped by the sand and waves at our feet, the wind around us,
and light from above.

SOCIETY GATHERING DESIGN: The gathering will include a talk by Tilden Edwards, 40 hours of silent retreat, rich and varied prayer experiences, and immersion in contemplative community. For those who feel led to engage in the business of the Shalem Society, there will be an additional Thursday afternoon session to listen to the Spirit and discern our way forward.



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As one of the components of the Society for Contemplative Leadership, the Annual Gathering is open to all people who have completed the second residency of one of Shalem’s long-term programs: Going Deeper: Clergy Spiritual Life and Leadership Program, Facilitating Group Spiritual Direction Program, Transforming Community: Leading Contemplative Prayer Groups & Retreats Program, Living in God: Personal Spiritual Deepening Program, Nurturing the Call: Spiritual Guidance Program, Soul of the Executive Program, YALLI: Young Adult Life and Leadership Initiative, Crossing the Threshold: Contemplative Foundations for Emerging Leaders, the Soul of Leadership Program, and Heart Longings: An Invitation to the Contemplative Path.

Please note: if you are a graduate of one of Shalem’s long-term programs and are considering membership in the Society, you are welcome to come to the Gathering to discern if the Society is right for you at this time.

Society Gathering Cancellation Policy:
If you need to cancel your registration for the Shalem Society Gathering and wish to receive a partial refund, contact Mary Beene ( at least two weeks before the beginning of the program, in which case you will be refunded the program tuition less a $25 administrative fee. No tuition refunds can be made for cancellations within two weeks of the program start date.

About Society

The Shalem Society for Contemplative Leadership is a dedicated community of Shalem long-term program graduates committed to a contemplative orientation and its promise for individuals, groups, religious communities and society. These graduates serve as spiritual leaders, influencing, often profoundly, the climate of spiritual life in those with whom they live and work.

The Shalem Society is open to all who have completed the second residency of a Shalem long-term program and is built around three major intentions:

    • Living from the Spirit in all circumstances and growing by grace in personal communion with God;
    • Sharing the fruits of this communion through outreach to spiritually hungry people and service to God’s shalom in the world;
    • Cultivating contemplative spiritual formation and discernment in all aspects of ministry and daily life, grounded in God’s guiding presence.

To support these intentions, Shalem hosts an annual gathering for Society members, invites commitment to shared practices for deepening contemplative life and leadership, and encourages ongoing sharing of resources and spiritual insights in a variety of ways. Among these resources are the Shalem Circles, formed regionally, which provide support and encourage growth in the membership commitment and practices. Click here for more details on Society  commitment, a commitment form and Circle information, (PDF links also below). You also may contact Anita Davidson ( for more information about the Society.

All Shalem long-term program graduates who feel called to support one another’s spiritual life and leadership and to expand the influence and impact of a contemplative orientation in the world are invited to join the Society at any time during the year. However, the induction ceremony of new members only takes place at the annual gathering.

There is no membership fee to join the Shalem Society. As one of the shared practices, members are asked to make Shalem a philanthropic priority.

Through the Shalem Society, we seek to foster a more enduring and evolving contemplative way.

Regional Contemplative Leadership Teams, comprised of Society members, sponsor Shalem regional events in three regions.  For more information, contact the regional convener:

Mid-Atlantic Region: ​Liz Tuckermanty and Linda Toia, co-conveners (Shalem Mid-Atlantic Region Public Facebook Group)

Midwest Region: Rich Plant, convener ( (Shalem Midwest Region Public Facebook Group:

Canada Maritimes Region: Linda Longmire, convener (

You also may contact anyone on the Shalem Society Leadership Team for more information about the Society: Anita Davidson (, Rod Dugliss (, Scott Landis (, Jo Ann Staebler (, Liz Tuckermanty (, Jackson Droney (, Margaret Benefiel (


Why I Attend the Society Gathering

“To feel the Spirit moving, to enter sacred space with companions who listen for that movement, who long to feel that Presence and who delight in the stillness. Being in the Society means that I know a group of people who are standing with me as we try to be faithful to all we are called to be, as we try to move with the grace and compassion the Spirit can generate. I expect to be renewed, surprised and inspired, and my expectations have never been disappointed. Thank you, Shalem, for helping me dip into that deep well the Source of Life keeps bubbling for all of us.”

– Karen Day (Shalem Going Deeper: Clergy Spiritual Life and Leadership); Director of Plenty!-neighbors growing and sharing food

“I do so in order to refocus my life on being aware of God’s constant presence. In a world where there are so many distractions, I find it helpful to be in a holy community in a sacred place. The gatherings are always held at retreat houses that are infused with the communion of the saints. I do not know how this works, but I do know that it happens. I enjoy being part of a holy not perfect community. As far as I can tell, everyone checks their ego at the door. We are there to gently support one another in our pilgrimage. This time also keeps me in touch with what is going on at Shalem as well as checking in with people I have seen before. I also find the most interesting things: a Celebrating Diversity Multifaith Calendar as well as the outstanding Cheap Therapy Cards. All in all, it is a time that reminds me of what is important in life.”

– Angie Butler (Shalem Nurturing the Call: Spiritual Guidance Program); Presbyterian clergy

“During these past five years, I missed two Society gatherings in a row, due to vocational responsibilities. These were two long years, during which I realized that the Society gathering is where I come to refresh and renew my spirit, in worship, fellowship and occasions of blessed silence. As part of my spiritual practice, I sometimes journey to a monastery for spiritual retreat and renewal. I like to think of our annual Society gathering as being like an intentional monastic community for our time together, celebrating and sharing the contemplative grounding that is our spiritual home, and deepening our understanding of what it means to live contemplatively in the world. I look forward, each year, to my Shalem Society pilgrimage, where I reconnect with friends I have met at other gatherings and make new friends who are attending their first. My heart eagerly waits to return to that gathering, where I will re-member my commitment to my spiritual journey in the midst of a loving and supportive spiritual community.”

– Al Keeney (Nurturing the Call: Spiritual Guidance Program, Summer 1999; Going Deeper: Clergy Spiritual Life & Leadership, 2004); Episcopal priest

“Shalem always seems to be what I need.”

“I feel grounded again in my contemplative leadership. Thank you for your commitment to this grace-filled ministry!”

(Comments from previous Society Gathering Participants.)

For more information, download these Society PDFs:

Shalem Circles Information

Society Membership Details

Society Membership Form